(Review originally written at 16 January 2010)

More than halve of the Stephen King adaptations are really disappointing ones. As horror movies they are often lacking and the stories on the silver screen rarely work out as they were intended. "Children of the Corn" is one of those disappointing movies. It's nothing too horrible but it's all pretty standard stuff to watch.

Thing about this movie is that it just never drags you into it. It's far from a compelling movie that just never succeeds at becoming an interesting one. It's because the storytelling is quite poor at times. The movie has far too many slow moments in it and really not a lot is ever happening in this movie. They could and should had really added some more suspension and action to the movie, in order to make it and its story work out more effectively. In the end we also still have no idea what was going on all in this movie. The story is even more of a mystery at the end than it was at the beginning. It explains absolutely nothing. The many sequels probably do but I don't think a whole lot of people will be interested in those movies anymore after seeing this one.

The story and how certain characters react to the situations they are in are far from likely. This is something I often have problems with in Stephen King adaptations. They don't even seem scared or shocked at anything that happens in the movie.

It's also pretty simple to me why this movie did not really work out as a creepy or atmospheric one. Blame it on the children. I'm sorry but having this many children as the evil ones in this movie is just not a scary thing. You're just never scared for any of those kids because well, no matter how you look at it they are still kids. Children of course also often are lacking the right acting skills to let their characters work out believable enough, as is the case in this movie.

A movie that just doesn't work out too well.


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