(Review originally written at 8 September 2009)

In all honesty, this really isn't a bad genre movie, that still could had used a much better story though.

This movie is only an Halloween-movie by name. It's story and characters have really nothing to do with the Michael Myers Halloween-franchise. Appearantly after "Halloween II" it was intended to continue the Halloween franchise by releasing new Halloween movies each year, each with a separate new horror story and characters in it. They abandoned this idea pretty fast again, after this movie proofed to be a failure at the box office and with the critics.

But well really, as a stand-alone movie you really have to conclude that this isn't a very bad genre movie to watch. It has some decent horror elements in it, though the movie is perhaps being more of a mystery than an horror one really. The movie is maintaining enough to watch but it's also really far from a perfect one.

The movie is being a bit silly with its story. Besides the story just isn't very mysterious or hard to figure. From pretty early on you already understand what is going on and to which climax the movie is heading to. Really, you don't have to be genius or into the genre to figure this all out. Had they spend some more time on the movie its story and originality the concept perhaps could had proved to be successful one and that way we would had been saved from all those Halloween sequels, featuring the immortal Michael Myers in it.

The movie could had also done with some better characters in it. The main character, a divorced doctor and father who sleeps around with young woman, just isn't a very compelling one. Besides, Tom Atkins looks more like an '70's porn actor in this. Luckily the movie also still has Dan O'Herlihy in it, who is a nice main villain for the movie.

Simply good and maintaining enough, as long as you don't expect a typical normal Halloween-movie entry.


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