(Review originally written at 7 September 2009)

Hong Kong movies from these days were always all somewhat clumsy and cheap looking, even the very best ones. It prevents me from ever calling an Hong Kong movie a true classic but they surely knew how to bring some entertaining movies to the silver screen.

This is a quite ridicules movie really, that combines horror, with comedy and kung fu action. The blend of it all works out rather successfully, making "Geung si sin sang" simply a fun movie to watch. Simplistic but fun.

In a way you can describe this movie as being rather lame, with its over-the-top performances, comical moments and action sequences. But with this the movie knows to create a great style that helps to make this movie such an entertaining one to watch.

What stood out to me was the movie its action. It has some greatly choreographed moments in it, that are spectacular looking but above all also adds to the movie its comedy. It's kind of like a Jackie Chan movie in that regard.

It's also a rather well looking movie, with some nice make up, costumes and settings. It isn't really a cheap looking movie, which means that the film-makers did a good job with their budget, which no doubt, wasn't very large.

It's a fun and at times spectacular movie to watch but also not really more than that really. It's simply good for what it is though.


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