(Review originally written at 19 August 2008)

This movie has basically everything in it; comedy, action, romance, drama and whatever more. It doesn't has too much of everything, though perhaps also not enough of some elements.

If this movie was done even a bit more light and with a tad bit more comedy added to it, such as for instance in the style of "Midnight Run" or a Coen-brothers movie, this movie would had been just perfect and possible one among my favorites.

It's really not like this movie is a failure now but I couldn't help wondering while watching this movie how much better it actually all could had been if it had been a bit more edgier at times. It could had been edgier with its comedy and characters. There are many characters being introduced in this movie but you'll have the feeling most of them are more or less the same. Still the movie works out just fine, due to its mix of genres and therefor its originality. It all works out effectively and you'll basically just have a great time watching this movie.

It's also a really well written movie, not just because of its original concept but also because of its fine written dialog. It of course helps that the movie features some great actors to deliver the lines. It's not really the type of movie that follows one main plot-line with a start, middle-point and ending to it but more a movie that stays close to the main character as he wanders through the movie. In a way it foremost is a character movie about a hit-man with emotional problems, trying to re-connect to his past again as he gets send on a job in the same town were his high-school reunion is being held. Sounds dramatic but luckily "Grosse Pointe Blank" is a real light movie to watch, that never forgets that it shouldn't take itself too serious. It's not a movie that will make you laugh out loud but its simply a movie that entertains and therefor it can be regarded as an effective movie.

John Cusack is perfectly cast in his role, even though he basically is one of those actors who plays his characters always the same way over and over again. Well, I like him anyway as an actor. Minnie Driver also plays a good female role and Dan Aykroyd, Alan Arkin and Joan Cusack are also all present, among many others.

Even though it wasn't all as great and effective as it truly could had been, I still enjoyed watching it.


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