(Review originally written at 3 March 2008)

As far as comic book adaptation go, this one is out there amongst the worst of them. I had a bad time watching it because of how poorly it all was done.

The movie is made like a B-movie, with a B-cast & crew but still the movie is visually looking like an A-list movie. It creates an enormous contracts between the visual style and actually quality of the movie. It's perhaps a reason why the works out all the more badly.

Brian Yuzna made some decent enough genre movie, with movies that weren't meant as serious ones but with this movie he shows that he's a real lacking director. The movie also features some real bad editing, an horrendous musical score, stupid sound effects and bad looking gore effects.

Not only the storytelling of the movie is really lacking but yes, also the actual story itself. It really isn't a solid story and there is way too little actually happening it and all in all, it just simply lacks a main plot line. Thhis is really the biggest problem of the movie. It also rips off one or two too many other movies. The movie also actually features very little action, especially for a genre movie, and the action that it does feature is done incredible bad and is just plain lame. It's obviously not Brian Yuzna's thing. It doesn't actually help to make the movie any more interesting.

The movie is done quite tasteless at times, with both its gore and amount of misplaced sexuality.

The cast also really didn't do a good job. Odd thing is that halve of the cast consists out of Spanish actors, who were obviously dubbed at a later point during production. But also actors such as Mark Frost and Isabel Brook do a real horrible job. No wonder they starred in so few and meaningless movies. And suddenly their characters fall in love? What was up with that. Talking about a bad placed and unbelievable love story. Oh well, at least it still had Jeffrey Combs in it.

Well, yes I admit that there are even worse movies out there but that doesn't really make this a good movie either, now does it.


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