(Review originally written at 6 April 2008)

Even though this wasn't a real high quality movie, it was still one I enjoyed watching, despite the fact that it was lacking some fundamental needs for a good superhero/comic book movie.

"Fantastic Four" makes several mistakes. One is that it takes itself a bit too serious, which goes at the expense of the fun of the movie. It still entertains but it isn't halve the entertainment this movie potentially could had been. It also picks a too serious approach of being a superhero. The characters are all struggling with their powers and personal emotions but in this case we just couldn't care less for it. When you have a concept of having an human torch, an invisible girl, a rubber-man and a big massive thing, a serious and more emotional approach just doesn't work out.

But another real problem with this movie is its story. It's a terribly underwritten story in which basically very little interesting ever happens. At least not enough. You should expect some more fireworks from a superhero movie, especially from one with a main concept such as this one. Perhaps this movie got aimed too much toward young children? But if that was the case, then why wasn't there more fun included?

The build up also all seems wrong. For instance it seems to take forever for the transformation of Victor von Doom into Dr. Doom to take place, as if it's still a big surprising plot twist. You know from the start on; oh, that guy is going to be Dr. Doom and that guy The Thing and that girl Invisible Woman etcetera. As a direct result of this all, the ending also seems to come out of nowhere and the movie is over before things really start to take off. The movie could had done with some more in between action and an earlier introduction of the main villain and his evil scheme.

The special effects are passable but no way this, or the movie as a whole shows anywhere on screen that this movie got made with a $100,000,000. With that amount of movie you would had really expected some more fireworks and convincing looking effects.

Well good enough to watch but it suffers heavily from its weaknesses.


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