(Review originally written at 6 April 2008)

What I sometimes like about sequels is that they make seem that the film-makers have learned from their previous mistake during the last movie. This was previously for instance the case with the other superhero movies "X2", which was a better movie than "X-Men" and "Spider-Man 2", which was better than the first movie. This movie also learned from some of its mistakes it previous made in "Fantastic Four". Well, not all though.

What it definitely learned was that it needed some more fun in it. The movie is more entertaining to watch and there is some more comedy to enjoy as well this time.

Unfortunately the story is just as weak and gets also brought just as weak as was the case with the previous. The main plot just never gets developed good enough and the movie seems too much in love with its four main characters. The ending just also seems to come out of nowhere because of that, since how, when, why just never got explained good enough. Luckily it has the Silver Surfe in it this time, who still nice to spice up things.

There also is some more action but it also gives you the feeling it is not enough or it certainly isn't big enough.

The special effects have definitely been improved this time, which makes the movie more convincing to watch. Also the make-up for The Thing seemed to had been even more improved but Jessica Alba's chest on the other hand was still as distracting as ever, which is not a bad thing though.

Basically all the characters from the first movie return and then there are also some new additions to the cast this time. The Silver Surfer is a welcome addition and he is a good looking and also interesting character. But you can wonder if it was necessary for the movie to bring Dr. Doom back. You sort of feel that the only reason they included his character was because when was being hinted at a sequel, during the previous movie, it was hinted that his character had survived. But you can actually really wonder if his character for this movie really adds anything and was necessary at all.

Just basically some good simple fun, as long as your expectations for it aren't too high.


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