(Review originally written at 1 February 2008)

OK I admit, this movie was bad. I'm not the kind of person who easily jumps on the wagon when basically everybody says a particular movie is beyond bad. I mean, I actually liked "Soul Plane" for what it was and I think its OK to laugh at a silly Leslie Nielsen every now or then. But "Epic Movie" is just plain and simple a bad movie, with no redeeming qualities.

So, what is the problem with "Epic Movie"? Well, what isn't? First of all it just seemed to me that the writers at advance made a list of all 2006 movies they wanted to spoof. Then they thought to themselves how to connect all those different spoof sequences and make one whole move out of it. The end result is unfortunately what the poor viewers got presented. There is not obvious connection between everything which makes this a terrible disjointed spoof to watch, with something that is supposedly supposed to be a story but feels more like a labyrinth, that goes from left to right and flips over, with behind each corner a total different movie it spoofs, as you go through this mess they call a movie.

On top of that, this movie just really isn't funny. Seriously this is the best they could come up with? I mean, it's not like 2006 didn't had any good spoof-able movies. There were so many opportunities for them but instead they came up with incredible lame and unfunny sequences, characters and dialog. It makes you wonder, didn't the actors realized that what they did just wasn't funny? Why didn't they just quite and walked off the set, that would had saved them a lot of embarrassment.

The movie still has some good production values and is good and professional looking, which is basically the only reason why I just can't rate it any lower.


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