(Review originally written at 2 January 2010)

This movie had everything in it required for me to make a great movie out of. It's a science-fiction movie set in the far future, at far off places, it has a good main concept and characters in it but yet it all somehow doesn't work out too great.

Guess that some stories just work out better in books. It's obvious when watching this that they had plenty of story material to use. Too much really, fore the movie is filled with a well written plot that however gets told in a far too fast pace to comprehend it all. The story becomes pretty messy to watch after a while when too much information gets provided and more and more characters with ridicules and difficult names get introduced. It becomes hard to keep an hold on all of the characters motivations and intentions and you'll just start to loose interest after a while. The movie is still pretty good for what it is in it's first 2 hours but after that point it all becomes far too messy.

I've watched the long version of this movie, which is, I suppose, better than the short, cut for TV, version. Direcor David Lynch also disowned the short, cut version, which is the reason why he is credited as Alan Smithee.

For a science-fiction movie from the early '80's it definitely has some good looking effects. The movie is loaded with special effects and fans of the science-fiction genre shall also not be disappointed by it. It's a pretty large scale movie, with large sets and such, that is impressive to look at.

The movie is filled with some big name actors in it but yet overall there mostly gets overacted a lot in this movie, which should have to do with the movie its script and especially dialog. Seems that some of them had no clue what they were doing and saying in this movie and what it all was about. It helps to give the movie a bit of a cult status but it also seems like a bit of a waste of the acting talent that got involved with this movie.

Deep inside this still is a great genre movie but the end result as a whole simply does not pay off.


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