(Review originally written at 1 January 2010)

Don't really understand why this movie is rated so much worse than the 1986 first movie. In all honesty I think this movie is even a tad bit better than the first one.

The Critters-movies never were any great ones but then again, they also never pretended that they were. The simply do deliver some campy fun and simple entertainment. It's true that perhaps it's a bit of a rip-off of the Gremlins movies but as far as these similar type of movies go, this is really not a bad attempt.

This movie is a real sequel, meaning that the story picks up were the last one had ended and the movie also stars some of the same actors in their roles. This time they gave the still young Scott Grimes some more space, being the only member of the original family in this movie, this time. Seems kind of right for these type of movies to have a young teenager in the main lead. It sort of keeps things always light, simple and pleasant to watch.

The effects had also obviously improved this time. Not only do the Critters look better but also all of the other visual effects for the movie. After all, this movie is above all things still a science-fiction movie. This did not only had to do with the improved techniques at the time but also with its budget, that was more than two times higher this time but still fairly low though for a movie within its genre.

There is not much to the story or anything else really but it simply is an entertaining movie to watch.


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