(Review originally written at 24 November 2010)

Since I, as part of a modern audience, already felt entertained by this movie, I can only imaging how people must have looked at this movie back in 1921. Animated movies and short were of course still something new back then and it was also far from perfected but this movie simply serves its purpose, to entertain, quite well.

It's the second hand-drawn movie done by Winsor McCay, which he based on his own comic-strip 'Dreams of the Rarebit Fiend'. It shows that McCay definitely had a bigger talent for drawing animals than for humans, when it comes down to his work for animated movies. All of the movements by the animals seem far more smooth and they also look quite good.

Watching this movie really is like watching a vaudeville act, featuring bugs. This is what makes the movie real entertaining to watch and also keeps sure that there is always something going on. It's a fast going movie, that doesn't have to waste any time on a story or characters.

A movie that's still quite entertaining to watch, even by todays standards.


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