(Review originally written at 24 November 2010)

This is the third and last entry into the Apu-trilogy and I must say that's definitely the strongest and most emotionally involving one. Things definitely get full circle in this movie, which makes the whole trilogy as a whole complete and this movie forms a fitting ending to it all.

Thing that I really like and admire about this trilogy, is that all three movies basically tell a different story, even though it features the same main characters and it does very little else than simply following his life span. In the first movie he was only growing up, the second one was a coming of age story, while in this movie Apu truly becomes a man and has to start to take responsibility for his own life and that of his newly wed wife.

For most part the movie is being a quite cute love-story, in which Apu and his wife truly start to fall in love with each other, only after they already got married, which had happened by pure 'chance', or faith if you will. It helps to make the movie a pleasant and emotionally involving one, in which you start to care for the characters, which was just not always the case with the previous movies. It makes the movie as a whole such a good and powerful one to follow.

It's also a nicely paced movie, which is also not something I can really say about the previous movies as well. It's actually also being the shortest movie out of the trilogy, so perhaps this also has something to do with it as well. But of course you also have to give the director credit for that. When director Satyajit Ray started working on the trilogy, he was still a very inexperienced one but by the time of this movie, he had obviously gained more experience and also had the funding to back his movies up, which also must have helped him a lot.

A really great ending to one fine Indian trilogy.


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