(Review originally written at 6 January 2010)

Here is a movie that actually makes very little sense. In all honesty, I don't know were to begin to explain why this movie is so horrible and why you should never watch it, or come as much as 5 feet close to it.

The only thing that this movie is good for is serving as an example on how not to make a movie. It's a typical new-age horror flick, that I admit is good looking but never succeeds in becoming tense, scary, or even understandable.

The movie has some extremely poor story-telling. The movie is all over the place and it switched back and forth between the past and present. Halve of the time this really isn't serving a purpose for the movie its story and it only becomes more and more annoying. It suffers from its totally horrible editing. All they were caring about with its editing is how stylish and cool it would all look. They seem to don't realize however that editing plays an essential part for the movie its storytelling.

Just imaging this movie being an 90 minute lone trailer that just randomly puts on ghostly images and extreme fast cuts. It's all so totally random and it absolute makes no sense. It makes the story totally uninteresting and above all things also really ridicules. There is just very little that makes sense in this movie.

But above all things, with all the fancy stuff jumping around on the screen, there is actually very little happening in the movie. It's a lack-lusting movie and it's true that the movie is one because of its very messy overall story-telling.

It of course also isn't a too original movie and it borrows heavily from lots of other popular genre movies. Quite funny that the movie in the beginning claims that it's based on actual true events. Well, it's true that the white plague excised and the hospital in the movie is also real but that's about it really. Of course no ghost ever came back from the death and came to haunt a bunch of teenagers, well I at least think that that was the story was all about but I can't be sure since it was such a big mess to watch.


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