(Review originally written at 5 January 2010)

Quite amazing to see how much better and also more different this movie is from "Critters 3". All the more amazing when you consider that both these movies got shot back-to-back. It was like they were seeing; hey, this fourth part is set in space! That's awesome! Lets spend more time and quality on that one! Or perhaps it was simply due to the fact that it had a different director at the helm. Director Rupert Harvey also was involved with 2 other previous Critters movies as a producer, so he knew what the movies were all about and he captured the right required fun type of atmosphere for this movie.

Of course the movie is still a big fat B-movie but in this case it doesn't matter too much, since the movie itself also isn't taking itself too seriously. It has an eye for its fun and cult-value, which makes the movie for most part an entertaining one. Not a very good movie but entertaining nevertheless.

This movie has even less to do with the first two movies, since this one is fully set in space this time. Just imaging "Gremlins" meet "Alien" and then you'll have "Critters 4". So no, it's not an original movie obviously but I simply couldn't hate to watch it as well, as much as I hated watching the third Critters movies.

Again this is a Critters movie with a quite surprising cast. The first one had M. Emmet Walsh, Dee Wallace, Scott Grimes and Billy Zane. The second one had Scott Grimes. The third one had Leonardo DiCaprio and this one has Angela Bassett and Brad Dourif in it.

As far as the genre goes this really isn't a great movie but it's still good to see how much better and more fun this movie is compared to the third installment of the series.


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