(Review originally written at 1 April 2008)

This is a pretty lame, poorly written B-horror movie, that remains stuck somewhere between an homage to- and more comical approach of horror movies of the '70's and '80's (The Romero, Argento and Fulci type of horror flicks) and a serious attempt of making a good, gory horror flick. Lots of these types of movie got and still gets made, rarely ever with a good result.

This is unfortunately one of those bad movies. It takes forever for things to start off in those movie (most likely because of its low budget) and the written and dialog is just plain bad. Of course also the actors in this movie really aren't among the finest. When things finally start off, continuity and the character behavior becomes really bad and unbelievable, which also at times makes this an hard and also definitely unpleasant movie to follow. It also makes the intended comedy in this movie work out all the more lame.

Sad thing is that the movie tries to put in many scare effects but the timing and just overall execution of it is so terrible that it often becomes more laughable than anything else really. It gives the movie also really an amateurish feeling in parts.

Of course the movie is predictable in basically every regard. The movie just simply doesn't bother to put in any creativity or originality.

On a positive note; despite it's low budget the movie is still a good looking one, with a good visual style and also some decent make-up. Too bad that it didn't got used for a better movie. There is also some gore pleasant but somehow it doesn't know to entertain or shock as much as its look allowed it to be. It just doesn't work out, just as rarely anything really works out well enough in this movie.

Really not much good.


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