(Review originally written at 20 November 2007)

Like so many genre movies, this is a typical revenge flick that features all of the usual ingredients and aspect you would expect from a movie like this.

It has a well layered story, involving multiple characters and motivations. It's not just a one way revenge flick. I mean, cutting off the arm of the main character isn't enough, there happens and has happened a lot more to him that forms him and leads up to his decision of seeking revenge, which is also aimed at multiple different people. It's a well build up story that doesn't just only rely on its action. It has also got some great characters in it, of course especially the villains.

The violence within the movie is quite graphic. Expect seeing blood and limbs flying around. During the action sequences some great and innovative cinematography and editing is being used, which truly uplifts some of the action and the movie as whole. The action and fight sequences themselves are of course also greatly choreographed, as you would expect from a genre movie such as this one. It makes this a movie that will mostly please the genre fans for sure. Especially the end fight does not disappoint!

The many flashback sequences in the movie feel and look sort of surreal, which works magical in the movie.

It's a good and professional looking movie with good looking sets, makeup and costumes. The movie looks like it spend its money well and also had obviously more than average to spend on its total budget.

A great and typical genre example!


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