(Review originally written at 19 November 2007)

Despite not being too much alike, the first sequel "Revenge of the Creature" still felt a bit too much of the same after "Creature from the Black Lagoon". "The Creature Walks Among Us" feels more fresh. So I think a change of director was not a bad choice. John Sherwood takes over the helm from Jack Arnold. He does this in the same trend as the previous tow movies but still adds enough elements of his own.

The movie is more horror-like than its two predecessors. The tension gets build up well and the Gill-man isn't as prominently featured as in the second movie was the case. That was sort of what was wrong with the first sequel of the movie; the creature played a too prominent role, which was a killer for the movie its tension and mystery. Lucklily this movie does have both tension and mystery in it. Through its build-up and atmosphere, it makes this movie a rather effective on in its genre.

In his movie the creature is more being treated as a victim, rather than a cold-hearted killing monster. This approach was also tried in the previous two movies but it did not worked out as well as it does in this one. It helps you more to understand- and sympathize for him. This is the Gill-man's most personal movie! He's more like the Frankenstein-creature in this one.

The characters are rather solid in the movie, though of course you just never really start to care for them. The actors aren't among the greatest but what '50's B-monster movie did ever feature any award winning performances?

Of course the movie above all things still remain a B-monster movie. The Gill-man's suit is obvious fake and its story is at all times kept very simple. About halve way through the movie and story even start to become ridicules but at least its trying to be original, at least when compared to the previous sequel. The movie also manages to create some interesting side-plots, involving some of the characters.

In my opinion the best of the three movies!


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