(Review originally written at 9 March 2008)

All I can say after watching this movie is that I hope that "The Wolf Man"-remake by Joe Johnston, starring Benicio Del Toro and Anthony Hopkins will be a better werewolf movie than this movie was. It should be, since it has being written by Andrew Kevin Walker.

What this movie once more proofs is what an incredible one day-fly writer Andrew Kevin Walker was. After his "Scream" script he hasn't delivered a decent story ever since. This movie is also filled with real bad dialog and some real standard formulaic elements but above all also a story in which too little is ever happening.

This is a werewolf movie for Pete-sake but the movie actually features very little action or excitement in it. Instead the movie chooses to focus on some way less interesting plot-lines and characters you just don't care about. For too long and too many times throughout the movie, too little interesting is happening.

The movie is filled with some stupid false-scare effects. The way of camera-position and editing and build-up already always give away a false-scare is imminent. You don't have to have seen many horror movies to know that. It's done so obvious and incredibly predictable. No, iconic horror director Wes Craven really shows poor form with this movie.

A problem of the movie also really lays with its incredible standards camera-position and poor formulaic style of editing. You can hardly call this a very creative or original movie.

The actors also really don't seem to know how to handle the movie its poor dialog and just plain bad and silly situations. You also know something is seriously wrong with a movie when it has Mya on its cast list.

The special effects are also really below for a big-budget modern 2005 horror movie. The movie features some good looking special makeup effects from artist Rick Baker but it doesn't uses this enough throughout the entire movie, which seemed like a real missed opportunity. I mean when you have Rick Baker working on your movie, USE HIM!

Perhaps the movie would had been a better one if it didn't took itself as serious as it did. If it was done more in the style of "An American Werewolf in London" and "An American Werewolf in Paris" it would at least had been a more entertaining movie to watch.


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