(Review originally written at 8 March 2008)

Some moments of boredom and some interesting moments, that is the best way to describe "Cohen and Tate".

The movie didn't started off all that bad but from the moment on when the movie becomes a road-movie, the movie sort of sleeps in. Only a few moments know to keep your interest. Because it's a road movie, the movie is more or less more of the same all the time and becomes a bit tiresome to watch at moments.

Problem is that there are too many moments were too little is happening. All the characters do at those moments are talking but the characters themselves just aren't good and interesting enough to grab your interest, despite the good work from the actors themselves.

Especially Roy Scheider did a good job in his role of aging and halve deaf hit-men. Adam Baldwin does what he can do best, playing a psycho. Really, would he had gotten this part if he hadn't played Animal Mother in "Full Metal Jacket"? His acting is still lacking but he did a good job though.

It was a pretty good idea to let the kid set up the two hit-men against each other but it isn't really conceived good enough into the movie and besides, it's just not really believable, since a plan such as that needs subtlety and patience. Some things an 9 year old just neither has, especially not when he is on his way of getting killed.

Still pretty amazing to see how much talent got involved with this production. Victor J. Kemper's cinematography is really great at times and the movie features a couple of interesting compositions, that should remind you of the '70's style of film-making. Perhaps there also lays a problem. The movie tries to be too much like a '70's movie in its pace. dialog, action and basically everything else. Bill Conti's musical score is also sort of funny though, since it sounds like it was composed for a much better movie. The score is overblown at times, when there is basically very little happening on the actual screen.

It's still an OK movie to watch but by no means a great movie or one worth searching out.


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