(Review originally written at 20 February 2008)

I have seen more than a couple horror/erotic crossovers and I can tell you that this movie is not the worst the genre has to offer. If you have seen a couple of Jesus Franco films you'll know what I mean.

Of course it has got a silly script, poor actors, bad production values and a serious lack of gore. But at least you can tell by looking at this movie that they have put some serious effort in it all. Not that it really makes the movie great but at least it makes this movie a better watch than you would perhaps expect.

Problem with these horror/erotic movies crossovers is that they are not scary enough to please any horror fans and not erotic enough to make this movie effective on that field.

This movie is part of the Slumber Party Massacre franchise but yet the movie doesn't really follow any of the stories from the previous movies. At least not in the way things really occurred. I mean a girl who died in the first movie suddenly now has survived the attack and reappears in this movie. The killer is also supposedly the same as in the first movie, which also seems highly unlikely since he had his hand chopped off and got completely pierced.

The movie is at least not as boring as the two previous Slumber Party Massacre movies. The movie is fairly well paced and offers plenty of interesting moments.

Of course not a great movie but really not the worst the genre has to offer either.


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