(Review originally written at 3 March 2007)

In my opinion this movie can definitely be seen as a sequel to other Unveriscal classic movies such as; "Dracula", "Frankenstein", "Bride of Frankenstein", "Dracula's Daughter", "Son of Frankenstein", "The Wolf Man", "The Ghost of Frankenstein", "Frankenstein Meets the Wolf Man", "Son of Dracula", "House of Frankenstein" and "House of Dracula". It does not only feature the same character and actors, it also follows and continues some of these plot lines even though obviously this movie is more spoofing and comical, the reason why it's debatable whether or not this movie is canon.

Of course there is not really much to the story here and why should there be? All the ingredients to make this is a good and fun movie are already pleasant; the two comical actors Bud Abbott and Lou Costello and the classic horror movie stars Bela Lugosi, Lon Chaney Jr. and Glenn Strange. In the end Vincent Price even makes an 'appereance' as The Invisible Man.

Lugosi for the second and last time plays the movie famous blood sucking vampire; Count Dracula. He does this with just as much passion as the first time and even manages to handle the comical dialog in a good way, with his crazy accent. Lon Chaney Jr. reprises his role as Lawrence Talbot/The Wolf Man. Glenn Strange once more plays the Frankenstein creature. I've always found Strange's Frankenstein's creature performances to be an underrated one. He plays the monster in the same way as Karloff did. Too bad that his character gets way underused in this movie. Weird, especially considering that this movie is named Bud Abbott Lou Costello Meet FRANKENSTEIN. Chaney Jr. and Lugosi play a far bigger role in this than Strange does.

The movie has some good comical moments in it mixes this all perfectly with the classic monster movie ingredients, without being disrespectful about it. The humor mostly works in my opinion thanks to Lou Costello, who really steals the show in this movie with his comical performance. His character is the most entertaining, has the best lines and he has the silliest actions.

The movie is good looking with its sets, costumes, make-up and cinematography. The movie does a good job at recreating the horror atmosphere from the '30's movies.

Nevertheless I feel that this movie is always being slightly overrated. Other Unverisal monster mash movies work just as good or even better as entertainment. Movies such as; "Frankenstein Meets the Wolf Man" and "House of Frankenstein". It's a different kind of 'fun' but they in my opinion work better in terms of entertainment. Nevertheless, this movie is of course also still perfectly fun to watch.

Fun and well worth to watch, especially if you're familiar with either "Dracula", "Frankenstein", "Bride of Frankenstein", "Dracula's Daughter", "Son of Frankenstein", "The Wolf Man", "The Ghost of Frankenstein", "Frankenstein Meets the Wolf Man", "Son of Dracula", "House of Frankenstein" and/or "House of Dracula".


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