(Review originally written at 30 November 2007)

This movie has nice looking vampires and action but very little story, build-up and development in it

This is a 3D-CGI animated movie in which, the backgrounds and everything else is photo-realistic looking, while the characters are still obvious animated ones, done in a typical Japanese anime style. It's an interesting combination that not always works out too well though. The contrast between the drawn characters and the background is often too big, which makes it in parts work out distracting.

This originally was supposed to be the middle part of a 3 part series. But due to budget reasons only this middle part got made. It's unfortunately all too obvious that this was a middle part. None of the characters and events get properly introduced and build-up. It makes the story too much of a disjointed one. The movie is also way too short for some proper development and build-up of course.

Now the story mostly doesn't make sense, simply because you don't know what and why things are happening. Guess the concept still showed some serious potential but I guess we'll never know how good this actually could had been if all 3 parts had been made instead of just this one. Well maybe in a way we'll still know soon how much potential this movie and concept had, since a live action version of this is current in post-production.

The vampires are all good and scary looking. Many horror movies can learn from this. The action is also good and so is the gore. Yes, this movie is really filled with tons of blood but all of this of course can't fully make up for the lack of a proper- and properly developed script.

Its short running time is action filled enough to consider this a watchable movie but yet the movie is too short to consider it a really good one as well.


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