(Review originally written at 30 November 2010)

The ending of the first 1958 movie made it very apparent that a sequel would be a possibility. Yet it wasn't until 14 years later that a sequel finally got done.

The 1958 movie "The Blob" was a bit of a weird case. It was a '50's B-movie, in every way but yet it all came together just fine. It made it a very enjoyable and even somewhat original genre movie, that surprisingly worked out way better than it really should had. But how is it possible for a '70's movie to try and recreate the same sort of style of atmosphere that was the case with an '50's B-monster movie. It's part of the reason why this movie just doesn't work out well at all within its sort.

This movie is insane. It's cheap looking and makes an unfinished impression, which is partly true since this movie got mostly shot without a real finished script. It must be also one of the reasons why some of the movie its sequences go on for far too long, while they also seem to add very little to the movie or its story. It even makes this movie at certain parts an annoying one to watch. Some characters pop up in this movie and than suddenly disappear out of it again, which make them incredibly redundant ones. This is just not a very good example of good film-making.

The actual blob itself also shines far too little in this movie. There is never really a real sense of danger when the blob is involved and the movie does a bad job at handling its build up and tension. It's also all real predictable and all of the deaths are quite unimaginative.

Good thing I can say about this movie is that it has some decent humor at it times. Obviously the movie is at parts attempting a more humorous approach to its story and concept, which has as a result a couple of entertaining moments and pieces of humorous dialog.

But above all things the movie remains a bad one, a real bad one actually, even within its genre.


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