(Review originally written at 30 November 2010)

This is one very well done movie, that got greatly directed and acted out by its impressive cast.

It's not really a movie that follows a clear main story but it instead gives us a view in the head of a young, successful and handsome guy, who seemingly has it all but behind his human mask actually is being an emotionless, murderous psychopath, who starts executing his weird fantasies during the nights. He more and more starts loosing it and looses both his grip on reality and the ability to keep himself and his urges under control. In all honesty, the best serial killer movies are all like this and instead of picking a real storyline it focuses more on the madness and its main character.

It's a pleasantly directed movie, that picks a more light approach, rather than an heavy serious one and it takes us into the insane world and mind of the main character. The movie doesn't ever really become an odd or eccentric one but it still does a very good job at capturing the right mood and atmosphere.

But it's also really definitely true that the movie and its characters work out due to the acting. Christian Bale is really perfect and quite amazing that this guy still hasn't been nominated for an Oscar, considering all of the great roles he has played over the last couple of years, this movie of course included. He's perfectly obsessive, cocky and charming and he was for a huge part responsible for me liking this movie as much as i did. But the movie also really has an impressive supporting cast list. It aren't really the names that are know by the big audience but it are names that are always respected and liked by the experts. Not to sound nit-picky but I wasn't as pleased with the casting of some of the female roles. Not because they're not great actors but more because of their very plain looks. The character of Bateman is supposed to be surrounded, admired and chased after by the most beautiful women and I'm sorry but most women in this movie just aren't that impressive looking. Perhaps it's due to the fact that this is a movie that got directed by a female, so she might not have had such an eye for it as a man would had. But this is about really the only thing that slightly bothered me about this movie, which should tell you something about how great it is.

It's really a movie that I liked watching because of how beautifully insane it all got done.


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