(Review originally written at 1 January 2008)

This movie is a complete bore, in which basically nothing happens. It doesn't know how to build up its tension and mystery properly. It isn't till about halve way through that the crab monsters start to attack. They however also do very little. At least nothing exciting.

It's a silly written script with silly dialog in it. The non sense making type of dialog, that is filled with so called clever scientific remarks and theories, that however of course are extremely silly. It of course also doesn't help the movie and its dialog very much that none of the actors are really amongst the most talented.

It looks like a really cheap made movie, that only shows explosions and crashes of screen and of course also uses lots of archive footage, of mostly atomic bomb tests. Its budget is obviously also the reason why this movie is set at just one location; a remote atoll somewhere in the pacific. But as far as B-monster movies go, this isn't among the worst of the worst. It's just the quality you would expect from a Roger Corman but it at least still has got some entertainment value, which is mainly thanks to its clumsiness but also due to its entertaining concept of giant brain eating crab monsters.

The crabs themselves are not too bad looking. Some nice effects are used for them, as goes for the movie as a whole. also reasons why this movie is definitely not amongst the worst of the worst. However all of this doesn't change that the movie is a bad and silly written one, that on top of that is also a real lackluster.



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