(Review originally written at 24 July 2007)

Not too sure what to think about this movie. It seems like its a spoof, of what, I do not know however. Perhaps of comic-book type of movies from the '80's, or adventurous serials from the '30's/40's? But then again there's the problem that the movie is not really funny and on top of that, also not so very well made. Guess the movie can best be seen as a cult-classic, for the fans of it.

To be honest, the movie began well and promising. It developed some potentially interesting characters and plot lines but for some reason as the movie progresses they don't get handled well. The movie becomes more crazy and crazy as the movie heads toward the ending. At one point I even stopped caring and wanting to understand what the movie was all about. It was confusing, it was poor but above all it was odd.

The movie could had been fun, the movie could had been action filled but yet it all isn't. It's wasted potential, cause I guess that in essence Buckaroo Banzai isn't really a bad fun movie main-hero.

The movie is only fun now really with its character's names. All of the alien's their first name is John and they have names such as John Bigboote, John O'Connor and John Smallberries. But other than that, there isn't really much fun present in the movie. The many famous actors however still provide the movie with some fun and this uplifts the movie. Amazing how many great actors are in this movie such as Ellen Barkin, Jeff Goldblum, Christopher Lloyd, Clancy Brown, Ronald Lacey, Vincent Schiavelli and Dan Hedaya. John Lithgow is deliciously overacting as the movie its main villain but I just wish that he had more sequences and was made more interesting as a character. Peter Weller was a great leading man in the '80's and he shows with this movie how well he can carry a movie.

The special effects are all decent for '80's standards but perhaps overused a bit too much. The musical score is typically '80's like and absolutely horrible. Further more the movie is fairly well looking, too bad inexperienced director W.D. Richter doesn't know how to use everything to its full potential.

Yet it's not all that bad and the movie still entertains, so the movie obviously still has some redeeming qualities which makes this still a bit of a watchable movie.


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