(Review originally written at 24 August 2007)

Was this movie even being targeted at one specific age group or group in general? It's doubtful, since the movie stars of as a fast paced and brutal straightforward action flick but after the movie its beginning it slowly turns into a a more sappy and generic movie, when a young boy and his mother get involved and of course the tough main character starts to sympathize for them.

Yes, in all fairness the movie did begin promising. It was definitely a case of style over substance but it showed some good and entertaining potential. After the beginning of the movie almost all of the entertainment value of the movie goes down the drain and the movie becomes nothing more than just another average genre piece, in which a couple of thieves constantly chase- and steal from each other, with all of the usual twists, confrontations and action.

The cast isn't too surprising. Kurt Russell, Kevin Costner and Christian Slater are about the three best known actors in the business that are Elvis fans. They played in many Elvis Presley related movies before and in some cases the actual person. It does is surprising how big the cast is and how many big names are in it. Courteney Cox, Kevin Pollak, David Arquette, Jon Lovitz, Thomas Haden Church. It's the sort of movie that makes you wonder why all these actors actually agreed to be in this. Courteney Cox was surprisingly good and shows that she can handle different and more carrying and serious roles. Also good to see Kevin Costner in a more villainous role for a change but its not like he shines in it. Ice-T makes a fun cameo but problem with it is that in his cameo he is being treated as a big star, which he of course isn't. It's as if his cameo is supposed to be the ultimate highlight of the movie.

Even though the movie is fast cut and has a high pace, the movie still feels overlong and not really that thrilling or exciting. This is because there is basically very little good or interesting ever happening into the movie. Its moments are too predictable.

I think I can say that Elvis himself also wouldn't had been too happy with this movie. It prominently features his character, impersonators and his music but it at the same time is a movie that glorifies violence. Seems like the Elvis-link was the only put into the movie to grab the audience attention and make this movie seem different and more special than just any other genre movie.

It has it decent moments, which still help to make this movie a sort of watchable one but it at the same time also features some incredibly bad and disjointed storytelling, with moments in it that in the end just don't make sense or even seem redundant. There also are perhaps a bit too many characters and story lines that just don't interest or work out the way they were supposed to. The ambition during the making of this movie was definitely there but the execution of it all and the eventually end result is just below par.


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