(Review originally written at 3 August 2005)

I like Ben Stiller but seriously he should stop directing movies. The directing is really the weakest element of the movie and almost kills the fun entirely. Stiller also seems to be seriously obsessed with getting as many pointless close-ups of his wife Christine Taylor as possible. I mean she sure is pretty and all but it just gets distracting and annoying after a while.

This is one of those movies that has hits and misses and when it hits, it doesn't hit hard. The humor is kind of lame and too over-the-top to be funny. This humor works for, as for instance Austin Powers but not for Derek Zoolander unfortunately. The movie never really becomes really funny, this is also due to the totally ridicules story.

Still the movie makes some good fun of the modeling world at times and the small cameo's by the many famous people also makes this movie still somewhat entertaining to watch.

The acting of especially the main characters played by Ben Stiller and Owen Wilson is good and is probably what prevents this movie from a completely unfunny and unwatchable one. All the characters are good and funny but unfortunately the script and directing is awful, so they don't get an awful lot to do in the movie.

You are better of watching a different Ben Stiller movie, or an Austin Powers movie if you like silly modern humor.


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