(Review originally written at 3 August 2005)

With all those bad horror remakes coming out lately this movie feels like a breath of fresh air. It's original but still remains faithful to enough to the original material.

The movie beginnings very promising and features some of the better opening credits I have seen in a while. After the quite hectic and realistic opening the movie doesn't loose much of its power. It remains tense and till some extend realistic throughout the entire movie.

The fun feeling of the original "Dawn of the Dead" movie is at times also still present but this movie is more tense and gory than entertaining really. The zombies are real killing machines this time and can actually run this time. This provides more than enough tense moments. For the fans of gore there is more than enough to enjoy here, also make sure to pick up the unrated director's cut for even more gore and explicit scenes.

Only problem is that the movie features a bit too many characters. The movie would had been better of if it had just focused on the first small group of character, formed in the beginning of the movie. Because of the many characters we lose track at times and don't ever get emotionally involved with any of the characters. Bit seriously, that is my only complaint about this fantastic gore filled horror movie.

Also want to know what happened to our heroes after their escape? Keep watching till the end credits.

Especially recommendable for the fans of gore and horror but also perfectly watchable for those who aren't familiar with the original George A. Romero zombie movies or horror in general.


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