(Review originally written at 2 May 2005)

This has got to be one of the most pointless movies I have ever seen. Absolutely nothing interesting happens in this odd western.

OK so the story is as follows; A very bad man comes to town, he rapes a whore, kills a couple of people and sets the town on fire. The rest of the movie focuses on the rebuilding of the town leaded by Blue (Henry Fonda), some whores and a couple of other completely uninteresting people. At the end the very bad man returns of course again (surprise, surprise!).

The characters are absolutely the dullest and weirdest I have seen in a long time. Why should you ever care about one of them? During the movie nothing interesting happens and the movie leaves a very pointless impression. Even the finale is bitterly disappointing. And what message tried this movie to give? I'm still puzzled about that.

Especially the scene's between Blue and Molly are horrible and have some awful dialog and silly moments that really don't make an awful lot of sense story-wise.

No there's nothing to enjoy in this movie. The story is dull and the dialog and characters are ridicules!


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