(Review originally written at 18 January 2006)

"Way Out West" is far from my favorite Laurel & Hardy movie. That of course doesn't mean it's bad, it just means that it's lacking compared to other better Laurel & Hardy movies.

Call me old fashioned but I more prefer the simple slapstick comical approach of Laurel & Hardy. Although of course this movie still has some slapstick moments in it, it is mostly filled with humorous dialog and comical situations that aren't necessarily slapstick-like. All of the comical events in the movie are also far too stretched out. Some of the humorous moments go on for too long, with as a result that it looses some of its power when it comes to creating laughs.

The musical numbers also feel misplaced. Still, the Laurel & Hardy dance is a classic to watch though.

The main essence of the movie is on its story, which makes the humor seem as a secondary element. For me watching Laurel & Hardy movie isn't about the story of the movie, it's about the humor and the chemistry of the two main characters.

James Finlayson is always good in a Laurel & Hardy movie and he does provide some good moments and laughs.

It's a good movie to watch with some nice laughs in it and there are obviously more good things than bad things about this movie but still I don't feel that this is the must-see that everyone makes it sound it is.


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