(Review originally written at 18 January 2006)

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Fake looking, horrible acting, weak directing and a disappointing killer/monster. Sounds like a typical '70's horror fare but difference is that this movie is just plain bad instead of entertaining like most other typical Brithish '70's horror movies.

The story and the concept of the movie really aren't that bad. It however is ruined by the poorly over-the-top acting actors and the weak and at times just plain stupid directing from Jim O'Connolly. Also the fake looking sets and the pointless many sex- and nude scene's make this movie a poor entry in the horror genre. Lot's of horror fans of '70's movies will be disappointed by this also because it isn't really an entertaining one to watch. There is quite some blood and gore but that all is simply just not good enough to satisfying the average horror fan.

Another disappointing aspect of the movie is the killer/monster of the movie. The suspense is build up well and the killer/monster isn't shown for a long time. However when he finally is shown it's a huge disappointment. He is incredibly stupid looking and even worse is the killer/monster at the ending who they for some odd reason gave a mask instead of just make-up. It was incredibly stupid and fake looking and just totally ruined the ending.

It's a real shame because like I mentioned before the story had more than enough potential. The movie and its story however make some odd choices as the movie progresses and the acting and directing truly make this movie an even worser one to watch. Some of the ideas in the movie are good but one has the feeling that a different director would had handled this movie differently and would had made this a better one to watch for sure.

Will not even the most hardened '70's horror fan like this movie? Hard to say. Perhaps, if he/she is able to appreciate some of the ideas and concept of the movie. They will probably still find some joy in it. But even they must come to the conclusion that this movie is a disappointing and just plain bad one.


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