(Review originally written at 8 May 2004)

After making big successful action blockbusters such as "Con Air", "Armageddon" and "The Rock", it was obvious that producer Jerry Bruckheimer tried to go for an Oscar with this little dramatic movie. A weak attempt.

The movie could have been good but it doesn't get any better as average. Who's to blame? Probably the director Joel Schumacher, he delivers a shallow drama without any emotions. Or maybe it's because of the main character. The character of Veronica Guerin never really becomes interesting or completely understandable with as a result that the viewer doesn't really get emotionally involved. Director Schumacher tries to make Veronica's character a warm loving mother and wife but fails completely in this and all the families scene's feel more like an obligation.

Another crucial mistake is that in all the advertisements and also in the beginning of the movie it was told that Veronica Guerin was murdered. Now I'm sure that this is common knowledge in Ireland but I can assure you that it isn't in the rest of Europe and especially not outside of it. In a way it already ruined the movie for me. I know that this movie isn't made for entertainment but to tell Veronica's story instead but surely they could have made it more interesting for the viewer to watch by not telling how it would end.

I know that Cate Blanchett was much praised for her role but quite frankly I didn't liked her all that much. But Maybe the reason for that had more to do with Veronica's character and not so much with Cate Blanchett's acting skills.

But all in all this movie is not a punishment to watch but like I said before it simply doesn't get any better as average.


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