(Review originally written at 8 May 2004)

This movie is yet another example of how entertaining the Roger Moore Bond movies are.

What a great fun Bond this movie is! Yet again the movie is full with car chases, beautiful woman, underwater scene's and chases in the snow. In other words a Typical Bond flick. But that also is the only problem with this movie, it isn't really original or special enough.

Roger Moore plays the Bond character with lot's of humor and delivers some fine and funny one liners throughout the movie in his own typical way.

The movie is filled with some wonderful and stereotype Bond villains. Julian Glover plays the main villain that for once doesn't want to destroy or take over the world. John Wyman plays the stereotype strong villain and Emile Leopold Locque that doesn't speak one word during the entire movie is a wonderful villain who's played by Michael Gothard whom unfortunately committed suicide 11 years later.

Carole Bouquet is my personal favorite Bond girl of all time, mainly because she doesn't act or look like a typical Bond girl and because of her cool crossbow!

The crazy hip 80's soundtrack is from Bill Conti. The music still work surprising well for the movie even though it is heavily outdated. The wonderful theme song is from Sheena Easton and is one of the better ones.

One of the most entertaining Bond flicks that is very re-watchable.


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