(Review originally written at 2 September 2005)

"Up 'n' Under" is a typical British movie. It isn't really a comedy with ha-ha moments but it's a comedy with a nice warm feeling and it's a simple feel good movie.

However "Up 'n' Under" certainly isn't a very good or memorable movie. The story is quite simple and to be frank, there isn't very much happening. Of course the movie its story is also awfully predictable. I don't think that the ending is a surprise to anyone and the movie is similar to many other sport underdog movies. So you can say that this is a movie that adds little to nothing to the genre.

The biggest strength of the movie is in its character and that perhaps is the only element of the movie that still makes this movie a watchable one. The characters feel warm and somewhat realistic and really are the heart of the movie. It's believable that these guys in the movie are friends for years. The actors really aren't the best ever but they are believable in their roles, so they did their job.

You're way better of watching a different underdog-sport-movie but when you decide to still watch this movie you'll be fairly entertained by it. It isn't really a boring or very bad movie, it's just a movie that isn't terribly original or new.


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