(Review originally written at 30 November 2005)

Plain and simple; "The Tuxedo" is a bad movie. It already had a ridicules concept but it has an even worse execution of it.

There are several problems with this movie, one of them is the humor. For a comedy it has an awful few laughs and comical situations in it, so it's hard to tell what for a kind of movie the makers exactly tried to create here. Also the script is terribly lacking. The movie lacks a clear main plot line and has a silly villainous plot in it that's just way too ridicules, even for a movie like this one. On top of that, the main villain is hardly ever used in the movie and the movie mainly focus and Jackie Chan and his antics. Fans of Chan will also be disappointed by this, he hardly gets to show anything cool and is unfortunately given more dialog as fight sequences.

Not even the presence of Jason Isaacs and Peter Stormare is enough to save this movie from being a disaster. Jason Isaacs is given a very bland role and not even he with his great charisma can prevent his character from being dull and totally uninteresting. Yes, Peter Stormare does play a good and fun role but one good role isn't of course enough to carry and save an entire movie. Jennifer Love Hewitt was also horrible in her role. I like her but she isn't much of a comical talent.

No way I'm ever watching this movie again.


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