(Review originally written at 1 December 2005)

I won't deny it that "Madagascar" is a fun movie to watch, which is mainly thanks to the characters that are in it but it isn't exactly a very memorable movie with some genius comical moments in it.

It is mainly because of the story that this movie isn't one of the best animated movie, of the last couple of years. The story is very flat and it lacks a good clear main plot line. The movie is basically heading nowhere and I can imaging that most children will be bored at times while watching this movie. Most of the (good) jokes in the movie are the kind of jokes only adults will understand.

The four main characters are really good and they all have some good chemistry on screen. They are all perfectly voiced by actors who really fitted the characters. But especially fun are the characters who play small parts in the movie such as the 2 monkeys, the penguins and the lemurs.

The movie is fast paced and is mostly filled with the characters jumping and running quick on the screen. Is that fun and good enough to fill a whole movie with? I don't think so. The movie is fast but nothing ever is really happening. That's why the movie itself is also quite short in running time.

The animations are also a disappointment. There are very little details in it and it's hard to believe that this movie comes from the same studio as "Shrek 2" and "Shark Tale" who were even made before this movie.

I'll probably still watch "Madagascar 2" but I wont be camping in line for it.


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