(Review originally written at 21 December 2005)

"Tourist Trap" is a typical slasher movie with a typical standards and simple story but still the movie works effective. 'The killer' is a memorable and unique creepy character and there are some well constructed and certainly original horror sequences.

Still it's a movie with some flaws in it. The story isn't always told from the right perspective and the movie lacks one real good main character. The movie focuses a bit too much on the different characters with as a result that we don't know who the hero of the movie is. It makes the movie certainly unpredictable because of that but also a bit confusing at times. The story is also simply too simple and too many things are too simply left unexplained with as a result that not everything in the movie also makes sense and are just plain weird at times.

Still "Tourist Trap" is a movie that is better than the average teenage slasher. The movie is extremely well constructed and the movie features some unforgettable scene's and moments that are unique for the genre. Also the psychopathic villain is a reason why this movie is better than average and unforgettable. Also the musical score by Pino Donaggio is nothing short of a brilliant musical horror score and is definitely on my 'to buy list' now.

For the fans of the genre this is most definitely a recommendable movie. This movie deserves to be seen and known by more.


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