(Review originally written at 20 December 2005)

The whole story and concept are just as ridiculous as the ones for Superman II & III but difference with those movies was that it was obvious that they didn't took themselves too seriously with as a result some entertaining B-movie fun. "Superman IV: The Quest for Peace" however takes itself far too serious, which makes the ridicules story and concept seem even more ridicules. The movie could had certainly used some more humor and comical situations and characters.

The movie had still quite some potential to be honest but the weak directing and storytelling makes this a movie filled with holes and loose ends. Some moments are just completely unbelievable and there are more than a few obvious goofs in the movie and the story.

It's surprising to see that Gene Hackman actually agreed to return in this movie after his absence in "Superman III". Not even he can give the movie a fun and light feeling. His character is terribly underused in the movie and the real main villain of the movie (Nuclear Man) is only introduced towards the ending of the movie. Nuclear Man is a pretty decent villain but he is simply introduced too late in the movie to leave a lasting impression.

Not even Christopher Reeve and Margot Kidder seem to feel at ease in this movie. They were both great in the previous 3 Superman movies but they really don't seem to feel comfortable with this movie its script and dialog.

The special effects look absolutely horrible and are by far the worst of any of the Superman movies.

Yes, the movie does still have some entertainment value and it still has some good superhero elements in the movie but overall it's a movie not really worth watching. The directing and the script are weak and not even the normally fine actors can make the movie fun or believable enough. All that is left now is a silly, horrible mess.


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