(Review originally written at 15 November 2005)

It's hard to say what this movie exactly tries to achieve. It awfully tries to be a political correct movie towards 'little people' and the movie almost becomes documentary like and doesn't even try to hide this. The moral of the movie is too cheesy and overdone.

It's painfully obvious that writer Bill Weiner is still a beginning writer. The movie is written awfully simple and has some downward horrible dialog in it.

It's a big mystery to me why so many big stars appeared in this movie. Gary Oldman, Matthew McConaughey, Kate Beckinsale and Patricia Arquette are some big names in the business. They are given awful material to work with and the movie felt like a waste of their talent. Especially Gary Oldman seemed out of place. He plays a 'little person' in this movie and to me he didn't looked very convincing. It was highly obvious to me that Oldman was sitting on his knees the whole movie, which was terribly distracting. Couldn't they had just cast a real 'little person' for that role? There are some many great little actors out there. Oldman was also terribly unconvincing as Matthew McConaughey TWIN BROTHER. They look absolutely nothing like each other and on top of that Oldman is also too old to be believable as McConaughey's twin brother. This movie made me realize that Oldman is really getting old now. He also looked old in "Batman Begins" but I though it was due to make-up. This movie however made me realize that Oldman really looks as old as that.

But of course this movie is far from the worst ever. The movie is professionally good looking and of course, even though they were given awful material to work with, the famous actors also bring some sparks and life to the movie.

The story and moral of the movie are too obvious. It's certainly a watchable movie but I in no case would recommend it to anyone.


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