(Review originally written at 16 November 2005)

This movie has B-movie written all over it. It's has a typical B-movie action atmosphere, a silly story, stereotypical characters and a lot of B-actors.

I'm not a Pamela Anderson hater, she is a real character. She was well casted and is perhaps one of the few reasons why this movie isn't a complete disaster. Further more the movie is filled with some well known, mostly B-actors, such as Xander Berkeley, Udo Kier and Clint Howard. Those three appear in just as many good well known movies, as silly ones, like this movie is. They make this movie a B-movie fan heaven.

It's mainly the story that makes this movie a bad one. The story is very uninteresting and most of the characters are very dull. The movie lacks a real main villain and because of this the movie also never becomes really tense. It was also weird to see the villains walk around in Nazi-looking like uniforms. It felt highly unnecessary and was just plain silly and unbelievable for the story.

Some of the action in the movie is good but it's nothing memorable, just like the whole movie in general.

Only watchable and recommendable to fans of B-movies. For them this is a must see in a way, everyone should just skip this movie.


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