(Review originally written at 3 May 2004)

Mix horror with some typical British humor and the result is "Theatre of Blood". And a quite successful mix it is!

9 out of 10 times the combination of horror and comedy doesn't work. For "Theatre of Blood" it works perfectly! The movie at times is pretty gruesome and graphic but still the movie is light to watch because of the fun undertone it has. Vincent Price deserves the most credit, he plays his character with great fun and humor and really is in his element as Shakespearean actor.

The excellent music also adds to the fun of the movie. It gives some of the scene's a truly comical aspect and feeling, such as the fencing scene.

The story is just mostly fun as long as you don't take it all too seriously. If you do that, you'll have great fun watching this movie and you'll enjoy the legendary Vincent Price his performance.


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