(Review originally written at 3 May 2004)

I watched this movie without having an idea what it was about. It surprised me and I enjoyed it very much. It's recommendable to watch this movie without reading or hearing too much about it at first. I think that way you'll appreciate the movie more.

It begins as a kind of drama then it slowly turns into an horror movie, a thriller and a supernatural thriller. The way the story is build up is unique and works surprising well. Unlike many other movies from its genre, the story is complicated and plays a significant role. Horror with brains.

The movie never seize to surprise. The movie is full with plot twists, from beginning till the end. Highly recommendable for people who like to be surprised by a movie, even though real smart people already see the ending coming from miles away.

There is a nice Hitchcock like atmosphere and some great characters played by highly talented actors. Another significant difference with other movies from its genre.

Let this movie surprise you.

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