(Review originally written at 2 July 2006)

is is yet another MGM musical with a standard and predictable love-story that has all the familiar ingredients in it. It's one of those typical movies of which you already know how its going to end. From start till finish, nothing refreshing or unpredictable ever happens to be honest.

However of course these sort of movies were made to simply entertain its audience. It's a fun romantic movie. You just sit back and enjoy it, without thinking too much about its story.

This time the musical takes an operatic twist, which should delight the fans of it. I shall immediately admit that opera is not entirely my cup of tea. Never has been and never will be most likely. Still there was enough to enjoy for me, since the movie also wasn't made entirely in 'opera style'. The movie was good lighthearted, romantic fun to watch, even though it all was nothing too remarkable, refreshing or original all.

The actors were cast for their signing voices and musical skills rather than their acting abilities but that however is fine and acceptable for a movie in this sort of genre. Their musical skills most certainly compensate enough for their acting skills! Mario Lanza was one of the most talented young singers of the last century who unfortunately died way too early. Ethel Barrymore also does what she can do best; play a character who lies most of the time in bed. None of the comical actors really work out in the movie, probably mainly because it doesn't blend in that well with the operatic elements of the movie, that are the most prominent present in the story.

It's a worth seeing, charming movie. Don't expect anything too spectacular or original. Just sit back, enjoy and try not to think too much about the typical MGM musical formulaic story. It does not fail to entertain!


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