(Review originally written at 2 July 2006)

This is an excellent lighthearted murder mystery movie, with the Agatha Christie creation Miss Marple as the central character.

This movie is typically British! The characters, the settings, the costumes, the dialog, the humor. Everything in the movie has British written all over it. It's delicious! It's an unwritten rule for the fans, that how Britisher the murder mystery, the better it is.

The movie is told with a large and typical amount of British humor. It makes the movie a fun one to watch, also thanks to the perfectly suiting musical score by Ron Goodwin. Due to the way the story is told, the whole plot line of who is the murderer becomes a bit muddled in and isn't the most interesting thing about the movie. It's way more interesting to think of WHY the murder(s) were committed rather then by who and how. This movie therefor isn't perhaps the best example of a good British whodunit movie but it's a fun and lighthearted one to watch nevertheless. So there are still plenty of reasons why one should watch this movie.

Margaret Rutherford is in her element as the old, nosy and clever lady Miss Marple. The movie is supported by a cast that perhaps is not the best example of the best actors around but it sorts of suits the movie fine. After all the actors serve their purpose and play the characters well enough without claiming too much attention or straining of the main story. After all this is a Miss Marple movie. The entire movie is build around her character and she is also the very reason why this movie is better than the average one.

A very fun and good movie, at least for the genre fans that is.


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