(Review originally written at 14 May 2005)

OK I didn't expected this movie to be an action-masterpiece, just a little fun entertaining movie to kill some time with, a typical 6 out of 10 movie if you know what I mean but the movie was just disappointingly bad.

The first 50 minutes just feel pointless and the story doesn't seem to go anywhere. Reason why the first 50 minutes don't really work out is because of the characters that are simply not interesting enough. At about 1 hour and 10 minutes in the movie the movie finally gets a bit interesting but than comes the final which is only just mainly disappointing again, also thanks due to some very poor editing.

The editing in general was just mainly poor in this movie and so was the cinematography. The lighting was nice and so was the atmosphere but the movements and camera angles were totally wrong. Nothing in the movie really works out as it was supposed to, the story, the cinematography, the music (obviously the movie tries to create a realistic atmosphere, which makes the 'hip' musical score by Elliot Goldenthal a weird and unfitting choice.), the acting, the characters...nothing really works out an 100%. And what was with Olivier Martinez his accent? Oh boy, that was irritating. And I had no idea that getting a knife through airport customs was so easy, especially after 9/11. I don't think director Clark Johnson is a person we will hear an awful lot about in the future.

Only good thing is the nice atmosphere of the movie that has Los Angeles written all over it. Also some of the action is nice but the poor editing doesn't really make it spectacular or memorable. Even action movie fans will be disappointed with it.


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