(Review originally written at 14 May 2005)

Next to "The French Connection" this is the best cop movie ever made, in my opinion. What makes "L.A. Confidential" a fantastic movie is the brilliant story and the acting by the big cast.

The story follows three different characters and story lines that in a way are all connected to the same case and perfectly come together during the movie and at the ending. The story is just nothing short of brilliant and it has some good film-noir kind of plot twists and elements all set in a brilliant '50's atmosphere, also brought to live by Jerry Goldsmith's soundtrack that perfectly creates the right mood. This movie was made like movies in the '70's were made, which in my opinion was the golden age for movie making. Especially the way the story was told reminded me of some movie from the '70's.

The movie features a cast with some big names; Kevin Spacey (at the time he was at the prime of his career, everything this guy touched turned into gold), Russell Crowe (who was at the time a pretty much unknown actor.), Guy Pearce (dito...), James Cromwell, Kim Basinger (won an Oscar for this movie.), Danny DeVito and Ron Rifkin. The cast is really impressive and they all give a top-notch performance. This alone is already a reason why "L.A. Confidential" is an absolute must see.

But seriously the best thing about the movie is still the brilliant story, it is really one of the best story's and movie of the '90's. The story kind of gets complex at times so my advice is to watch this movie with a clear head and pay attention to it at all times.

The combination of the brilliant story and cast is what makes this movie an absolute must see and one of the best movies of the '90's.


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