(Review originally written at 2 November 2005)

The filmmakers really didn't seemed to be able to make up their minds. At times the movie feels like a drama but at times and especially in the last 30 minutes the movie suddenly turns into a (lame) comedy.

This movie is truly a waste of talent. There are a lot of good actors in this movie such as Demi Moore, Burt Reynolds, Armand Assante, Robert Patrick and Ving Rhames. Also the music by Howard Shore really isn't bad and deserved a better movie.

The movie makes a really pointless impression. The story felt highly unlikely and the movie was filled with many implausible moments. Also it may sound weird but also all of those striptease sequence got really boring after a while and they felt like they were put in the movie to put some life in it. Unsuccessfully though. "Striptease" is a failed movie that doesn't take itself serious enough at times with as a result that the already flawed story becomes even more ridiculous at times.

Still a tiny bit better than "Showgirls" though.


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