(Review originally written at 2 November 2005)

This movie its story feels like a very lame excuse to bring some material arts fighting sequences to the big screen. You know how Star Wars fan films are always used as a lame excuse to do a lightsaber fight, well same goes for this movie, only it aren't lightsaber fights in this movie but its material arts instead. The movie really feels like a amateur movie at times.

All of the fight sequences were nicely choreographed, no doubt about that and its obvious that director Jamel Aattache has a passion for material arts movies but all of the fights in the movie felt simply pointless and they really came out of nowhere at times. It's good to watch as a material arts demonstration all but as a movie this movie is simply terrible. Because of this all the story never really flows well which makes the movie almost impossible to watch at times.

The story is extremely weak and simple and the romantic elements of the movie between Kim Ho Kim and Chantal Janzen simply don't work, because there is no chemistry between those two and their love seems very unlikely to happen.

The acting was also completely horrible. Kim Ho Kim doesn't have enough charisma as an actor for a role like this one. Chantal Janzen was simply terrible in her role and the person who decided to give Ron Smoorenburg so many lines should had also been fired. Ron Smoorenburg is a great material arts fighter but he simply isn't much good as an actor. It's also due to director Jamel Aattache that some of the acting was really lame at times, he simply isn't a very good actors-director.

The cinematography by Peter-Jan van der Burgh was good and gave the movie a very professional look at times. the city Rotterdam is a perfect background for movies, this one included. They really should make some more movies and series in this city. It's a great charismatic and atmospheric background for movies and series, not a great place to live in though.

Also the musical score by Yorick Goldewijk was very good and suited the movie perfectly.

But unfortunately some great cinematography and the good musical score aren't enough to conceal the movie its almost none-excising lame story. It makes "Fighting Fish" an absolutely horrible and pointless movie to watch. Probably the only ones who can still find some pleasure in this movie are persons who love material arts. It has some good material arts moments in it but as a movie this one is a complete failure that also suffers from a terrible amateur look at times.


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