(Review originally written at 15 July 2005)

How to best describe this movie? Like "Police Academy" set in the army...only than about a million times funnier.

This movie shows once more what an incredible comical genius Bill Murray is. I can't imaging how this movie would had been without him...the answer probably is just plain bad. Murray is able to say the weirdest and silliest things with a serious face, I absolutely love it! I also just love the way he's improvising in some scene's. Murray is helped by mainly three other great comical actors; Harold Ramis, John Candy and Warren Oates. They are really the one's that carry this movie and make it a hilarious one!

As for the story itself, it isn't that good or appealing. The movie is beginning good and also the whole basic training is just hilarious and highly enjoyable to watch. But after that the movie maybe is taking itself a bit too serious and the story only distracts from Murray's antics. I also wouldn't had mind seeing Stella and Louise being cut out of the movie.

Still none of that prevents this movie from being one of the most enjoyable one's ever made. It's not just constantly funny, it's also absolutely hilarious at times!

The Elmer Bernstein musical score is underrated and worth listening to, if it was more world widely available for sale.

I have yet to meet a person who didn't like watching "Stripes". It's an absolute comedy must-see!


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